Filtering Data in GuideK12

Whether you’re using Explorer, Planner, or Adviser you have the capability to filter or select data stream records.  There are two types of filtering that can be done in GuideK12; attribute filtering and spatial filtering.  Let’s explore each type. Attribute Filtering:  Attribute filtering allows you to filter or select records based on characteristics associated to […]

Select an Area Using the Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools are located on the upper left-hand corner of the map. Three options are available for drawing. The three options are:  Draw a Point, Draw a Polygon or Draw a Line.  For selecting multiple neighborhoods select  Draw a Polygon Click on the map where you want to begin and slide the mouse to the […]

Visualizing Students and Using Layers

The Overlay section controls the layers, labels and various content on the map. Understanding the power of layers is important to unleash the power of GuideK12. Managing the visualization of the students on the map: Click on the Green Overlays button on the right-hand side of the screen. At the bottom of the drop-down menu […]

How Do I Draw Multiple Polygons on one map

Begin by  selecting the polygon drawing tool.  Select the area by clicking around the desired geography and then double click to close the polygon when connecting the shape together.  Move curser to new area and repeat process.  There is no limit on the number of polygons that can be created.  If using the advanced drawing […]

Printing Mailing Labels

To print mailing labels, please use the following steps: Click the Export button in the lower left corner of the application and choose Current Selection From the preview dialog click on the Mailing Labels button Choose Avery label style Choose who to address label to Click the Download Labels button

Changing the Base Map Type

The road map view is probably the most common view used, however it is helpful at times to be able to see different views such as a Satellite/Aerial view to really understand what is located on the map in a specific area. To change the views use the dialog in the upper right hand corner […]

Creating a radius from anywhere on the map

Click on the Advanced Tools icon  on the tool bar. The icon will turn green  when active. Click the checkbox next to Buffer to activate it. Enter a buffer distance. Choose your units of measure you wish to use. Miles are the default. 5. Select the first drawing tool – Draw a Point 6. Then click […]

Exporting map image or legend for a presentation

To generate an image for a PowerPoint or other presentation, follow the  steps:  Click on the green Export button in the lower left corner Select Map Image A dialogue box will pop up providing options of where to save the image. It is recommended to also export the Map Legend so the audience can read […]

Changing base map from elementary to middle to high school zones

The dialogue box in the upper right hand corner of the screen will always show which grade level is active on the map at that time. Click Grade Level and see the drop down options. Select the desired grade level and the colored school zones will reflect the grade level of your choice. To see the boundary lines over the […]

Advanced Tools dialogue box won’t close

If anything is checked or active in the advanced Tools, the window won’t close.   If the Advanced Tools Icon is still green, it is still active. Clear all options and click on the advanced tools icon to close the window.