Exporting the Currently Selected Records

This concept is the same for both students or property owners or other data, the results  vary depending on what data stream you are working in.  If you are working with student data, you will see student names. Select an area on the map using the drawing tools or just filter by attributes if no […]

Navigating around the map

To navigate the map: Click on the Navigate button  it will turn green  when it’s active.  To move/pan the map click and hold and drag the map in the direction you want. To zoom in and out on the map you have the following options: Use the zoom buttons .  Plus zooms you in closer and minus zooms […]

How to visualize data using filters

Choosing the data to visualize requires the use of the data filters. The Data Filters appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the green pencil icon  to filter the data.  Clicking on the green pencil will open a dialogue box showing all the filterable attributes. Each attribute may have additional levels […]

Turning on and off the “Packed Points” / Student Dots

If you are not seeing your selections on the map or you aren’t seeing any dots on the map there are a few steps to take.  Click the green Overlay button Scroll down  to the Filter Overlays Be sure an “X” appears in the  Map By selection  and Packed Points is what the box below Map By […]

How can I see property lines?

In order to see the individual lots or “parcels” outlined on the map, there are two things that must happen.  Turn on the parcels by clicking on the Overlays button. The lines will not appear if zoomed out too far.  The map must be zoomed in to see the lot lines.  

Changing data streams/ data sets

To work with a different data stream such as looking at parcels, voter information, birth records ( if loaded) or any other loaded sets of data there are a couple steps. 1. Click on the drop-down menu next to the word view in the upper left hand part of the screen.   2. The options will vary […]

Getting Started with Explorer

Explorer Navigation Tips and Pointers   (Explorer was previously named StudentView) Zoom in and out with the +/- buttons  Click on the 4 way arrow button  to navigate the map and also identify features in the current data stream Click on the home button  to zoom out to the whole map Type in student name, address, school name […]

Explorer Feature Details

Explorer ( formerly known as Student View) Features: Data Streams Packed Points Basemap Options School Type Selection Overlays Drawing Tools Advanced Tools Filters Summary Map By Export Options Menu 1.Data Streams This capability allows a user to examine disparate data from multiple perspectives (student, county, voter, etc.) all with unique characteristics to be filtered and […]