Implementation How-To

How to Upload to the GK12 Server using the WinSCP Console and Powershell

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to upload to the GK12 server using the WinSCP console. This is necessary to understand because it is via the console that one can schedule a task for automatic uploads. This is easiest using Windows PowerShell. The first thing that is needed is a batch file […]

Uploading a File to the GuideK12 Secure Servers using WinSCP

Note: Whenever you see the ‘user’ and ‘Key’ fields, enter your own, not the ones in this tutorial. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to upload a single file to the GuideK12 servers using the WinSCP application. This is necessary for the ability to communicate secure data to GK12. Two applications will […]

Instructions for Collecting and Formatting your Data

This document helps you understand the Student and School data elements required for “Go Live”, and how we need to receive the data. It also outlines the additional items needed for a successful launch. Don’t worry about the household data at this time, as we’re already gathering that information from the county. What follows is […]

How do I set up single sign-on for my district?

In order to set up single sign-on for your district to access GuideK12 you’ll first need to contact service at to let them know you’re interested in setting that up if you haven’t already.  Below you will find information regarding requirements and notes on our single sign-on support. SAML 2.0 District Requirements for Single Sign-On District […]