Planner How-To

Presentation Materials

For presentations, using PowerPoint or other tools you may want to export the Scenario Map Image and Legend using Export Button on the bottom left of the screen.    

Creating Reports

Understand the impact of a scenario by selecting Reports under the Export button in the lower left-hand corner. Reports will open at the bottom of the screen first and then in Excel.  Select the Report Type desired from the Report Type drop-down menu.

Summary Window

The summary window displays in real time the impact to capacity and racial balance with each step. More detailed reports are available in Planner as well as Adviser but the summary window provides instant details as well.

Reassigning the selected students

Once an area has been selected, select the green Change button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Next a dialogue box will appear, from the options choose the building to assign the selected areas to and fill in the details. A confirmation appears on screen when completed correctly. The summary line must be […]

Select an Area Using the Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools are located on the upper left-hand corner of the map. Three options are available for drawing. The three options are:  Draw a Point, Draw a Polygon or Draw a Line.  For selecting multiple neighborhoods select  Draw a Polygon Click on the map where you want to begin and slide the mouse to the […]

Configure Attribute Filters

Click on the pencil icon in the green Filters area. Choose the attributes desired for the scenario.  Do you want to eliminate some groups of students from the scenario data?  For example, consider how to account for transfer students and those in specialized programs for each scenario.  Are you moving only one grade?  

Choosing School Type

In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select the desired School Type. Boundaries for any level (elementary, middle or high school) will be shown on the map and only students at that level are shown in summary window or on map.

How do I delete a Scenario

To delete a scenario you must first open the scenario you want to delete if not already in it.  Please use the following steps: Open scenario to delete if not already in it. Click on the Vintage Information link from the three bar settings menu in the upper right corner next to the GuideK12 logo. […]

How Do I Draw Multiple Polygons on one map

Begin by  selecting the polygon drawing tool.  Select the area by clicking around the desired geography and then double click to close the polygon when connecting the shape together.  Move curser to new area and repeat process.  There is no limit on the number of polygons that can be created.  If using the advanced drawing […]

Sharing Scenarios in Planner with Other Users

By default, scenarios in Planner are only available to the user who created the scenario until that user chooses to provide read-only access to a particular scenario.  To make a read-only copy of your scenario available to other Planner users you need to do the following: Open the scenario you want to share with others. […]