Name the Scenario and Select Vintage

The scenario will be private until you choose to share it. Select the base vintage to run all scenarios against by selecting from the drop-down menu. The vintage is the data set that all scenarios utilize.  Many districts will choose to use October attendance data for example.  If you are not seeing multiple data options, […]

How do I delete a Scenario

To delete a scenario you must first open the scenario you want to delete if not already in it.  Please use the following steps: Open scenario to delete if not already in it. Click on the Vintage Information link from the three bar settings menu in the upper right corner next to the GuideK12 logo. […]

How Do I Draw Multiple Polygons on one map

Begin by  selecting the polygon drawing tool.  Select the area by clicking around the desired geography and then double click to close the polygon when connecting the shape together.  Move curser to new area and repeat process.  There is no limit on the number of polygons that can be created.  If using the advanced drawing […]

Sharing Scenarios in Planner with Other Users

By default, scenarios in Planner are only available to the user who created the scenario until that user chooses to provide read-only access to a particular scenario.  To make a read-only copy of your scenario available to other Planner users you need to do the following: Open the scenario you want to share with others. […]

Starting a Planner Scenario

Click to the left of the Planner logo on Scenario Options to get started. Click Create a new scenario or open an existing scenario and either name the new scenario or select the desired scenario to proceed. In order to add a new facility, click Create a new school to name and locate the new […]

Creating or Opening a Scenario

Please follow the steps below for creating or opening scenarios: To Create a New Scenario: Click to the left of the Planner logo on Scenario Options to get started. Click Create a New Scenario. you will be asked to name your scenario and choose a Base Vintage of student data and boundaries to begin with. […]

Changing the Base Map Type

The road map view is probably the most common view used, however it is helpful at times to be able to see different views such as a Satellite/Aerial view to really understand what is located on the map in a specific area. To change the views use the dialog in the upper right hand corner […]

Exporting map image or legend for a presentation

To generate an image for a PowerPoint or other presentation, follow the  steps:  Click on the green Export button in the lower left corner Select Map Image A dialogue box will pop up providing options of where to save the image. It is recommended to also export the Map Legend so the audience can read […]

Navigating around the map

To navigate the map: Click on the Navigate button  it will turn green  when it’s active.  To move/pan the map click and hold and drag the map in the direction you want. To zoom in and out on the map you have the following options: Use the zoom buttons .  Plus zooms you in closer and minus zooms […]