GuideK12 acquires development firm Excensus

GuideK12™ acquires development application firm, Excensus, LLC.
January 14, 2019 GuideK12™ is pleased to announce the acquisition of Excensus LLC, a computer software development and applications firm based in Eagan, MN. Excensus has been a development partner with GuideK12 for many years, so this acquisition expands the development capabilities to enable future GuideK12 growth. GuideK12 acquired Exensus for an undisclosed combination of cash and stock on January 10, 2019.

GuideK12 serves the K-12 market with school district clients across the entire United States providing geovisual analytic software used by school administrators for visualizing data. GuideK12 software applications range from boundary planning, open enrollment tracking to resource placement and beyond. The ability to visualize data assists with critical decisions and improves data insights, transparency and broad support.

Chuck Amos, GuideK12 CEO said, “We are thrilled to bring Excensus into the GuideK12 family. We are very excited to have the very talented staff from Excensus on the GuideK12 team. This acquisition also brings major integration of critical technology stack elements, infrastructure and gives GuideK12 100% ownership of all critical elements of IP.”

With this transition, John Carpenter, CEO of Excensus, will step into a new role as a board member for GuideK12 and continue to provide his GIS and education market expertise. “Excensus and GuideK12 have been long-time technology partners. We are delighted with the opportunity this acquisition provides for expanding and accelerating the GuideK12 product line and the vital services it provides to its school district clients.”

GuideK12 is owned by Platinum Group Holdings, II in Minnetonka, MN, a private equity fund which is part of Platinum Group, a consulting and advisory services firm. Dean Bachelor, Founder and Chairman of Platinum Group, stated “Excensus is a wonderful addition to the GuideK12 business. The synergies are perfectly aligned to provide additional efficiencies and accelerated growth.”

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