High-Growth Texas District Uses Geovisual Analytics to Plan for the Future

New Braunfels Independent School District adopts GuideK12 to visualize and analyze district needs

Minneapolis, MN, August 10, 2016. New Braunfels is a fast-growing school district located between San Antonio and Austin. With an annual enrollment increase of three percent multiple years in a row and higher growth rates forecasted for the future, the district needed to plan new facilities and design new attendance zones to address the student population boom.

Superintendent Randy Moczygemba was looking for a more effective approach to the attendance zone planning process than what he has experienced before. “Based on my past experience, I wanted key members of the New Braunfels cabinet to be intricately involved, to have robust discussions based on solid data, and to be able to quickly and easily analyze information. And I feel we make the best decisions when we involve those who are closest to the district’s needs, families, and students,” said Moczygemba. New Braunfels selected GuideK12™ to meet these needs and support district data visualization and mapping throughout the planning process.

The New Braunfels plan focuses on two new elementary schools scheduled to open in 2017-18, funded by a recent referendum. To ensure the best results, the leadership team carefully reviewed the sequence of events required and the pacing of each such as leadership selection, attendance zones, student programming, staffing, and community needs. Leadership was selected as the first priority because of the district’s commitment to succession planning and internal leadership development. The key role of data analysis and accuracy was also highlighted. According to Moczygemba, GuideK12 data visualization allows administrators to examine all the possibilities and make the best decisions for everyone involved.

“GuideK12 allows us to include all the key people in the conversation every step of the way. The quality of input and discussion has been incredible. For example, our transportation director has been actively involved and provided invaluable insight. When a staff member has a suggestion, we plug it in to GuideK12 and instantly review the validity. We quickly run new scenarios and find the best solutions for our students, while addressing equity goals and programmatic needs and ensuring we have the right staffing in the right locations,” said Moczygemba.

As a next step, New Braunfels plans to add the GuideK12 SchoolSearch™ address look-up tool to the district website, significantly enhancing district communication capabilities. The new tool will allow community members to determine the home addresses assigned to each school—a valuable resource for parents seeking 24/7 access to school assignments and for realtors. The district will also be able to clearly display attendance zone changes, as well as communicate emergency information to parents in specific geographic areas.

“The team at New Braunfels has quickly embraced GuideK12 to guide important strategic analysis. We are proud to be part of their strategic tool kit,” said Chuck Amos, CEO of GuideK12. “Our analytic software puts the right district level information at the fingertips of the right decision makers and accelerates data-based decision making.”

According to Moczygemba, the ability to see the implications of decisions in real time has been an invaluable tool for him as a superintendent. “Being a lifelong learner keeps me going and engaged, and GuideK12 has reinvigorated my personal professional learning. I am impressed by the wide range of applications, from boundaries to referendum planning to targeted communications. And I enjoy looking at a variety of data sets from different angles to determine if our proposals address the problems we are trying to solve,” he said.

About GuideK12™

Based in Minnesota, GuideK12LLC is a geovisual analytics software company. GuideK12 technology allows education administrators to visualize information spatially, facilitating decisions on boundary analysis, policy changes, resource planning, referendum planning, reporting and more. Its cloud based technology makes it easy for district administrators to learn quickly and visualize important data to see patterns and trends typically lost in spreadsheets. GuideK12 has been the proud recipient of many industry awards. It was named one of the Top products of 2015 and 2012 by District Administration Magazine. Awarded the EdTech Digest CoolTool honor for 2014 and 2013. Honored as a finalist for the 2014 SIIA Education CODiE award for Best K-12 Enterprise solution, named as one of six NSBA Innovative Showcase Companies.

GuideK12™ serves large metro, suburban, and rural school districts throughout the United Sates. It is owned by private investors and a private investment group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, please visit www.guidek12.com.

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