Improving Outcomes by Reducing Mobility in Low Performing Schools

Research shows that when students change schools, they lose on average, three months of academic progress due to the disruption of a new teacher, new classmates, and an unfamiliar curriculum. When Rapides Parish in Louisiana began looking at ways to turn around some of their lowest performing schools, they began with data and it led them to examine the impact of mobility. The leadership team felt they could improve outcomes through more consistency in school for these economically challenged students by reducing breaks from high mobility. The Executive Team led by Superintendent Nason “Tony” Authement developed a bold plan that involved merging multiple attendance zones into community school zones with the goal to have improved outcomes in all affected buildings. The process began with significant attendance zone analysis and smart data dives into patterns and trends. They learned that in the higher density areas of the city, a move of a few miles could trigger an elementary school change for a student, so even though the family wasn’t going far, it was a big disruption for all.

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